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Me vs I

Me must always be used after a preposition, e.g. Come with me and in sentences such as It's me, where I sounds too formal. However, when a personal pronoun is connected to the subsequent sentence, I instead of me should be used, e.g. It was I who broke the window; It was me who broke the window is correct only in informal English.

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after verb to be we always use nominal case. e.g it was i who broke the glass and not it was me who broke the glass.
so the short cut to remember the rule is that always use nominal/subjective case after verb to be.
thank you.

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Beds of Coal in Sudan
By: Dr. Mutwakil Nafi
Introduction: -
Coal it is black or brown substance and flammable or combustion. The coal is form from the remain of plants that grew in large swamps and buried before 400 million years to one million years. Coal is used as fuel to product electric power, manufacture of iron and steel, dyes and fertilizers. Sudan is desperate for energy and iron industry, which is one of the strategic industries. So the plan should be developed to explore, evaluate and extraction.
Preliminary analyzes: -
In North Africa coal beds were reported from Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Egypt, South Sudan Republic, Ethiopia and Somalia (Weaver et al., 1990). It is likely that coal might be exists in Gambia, Togo, Burkina Faso, Chad and Djibouti (Weaver et al., 1990). In these countries the coal beds are found in sedimentary sequence of Upper Cretaceous age (Weaver et al., 1990).
In Sudan coal beds were recorded from the in the following areas (Fig.1): -
1 - In the vicinity of Dongola and thickness of this layer up to 10 cm and at depth of 10 meters (Dunn, 1911).
2 - In Dongola area and thickness of this layer is up to 0.6 cm (Abdullah, 1955).
3 - in Al Gedaref area where the thickness of this bed is up to 1.5 meters (Whiteman., 1971).
4- Recently, there is evidence of coal beds in Altmtam and Elmagel areas in Northern Sudan. Theses beds might be thick or thin or widespread or limited as small body. So core drilling is needed to determine the true thickness and depth.

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Thanks so much.

Melvin Lomax-Mass Communication Department, University of Liberia in Monrovia. Phone # +23188774320 or +2315572775.

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