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It can be used only when it refers to the one of two (if there are more things than two, 'any' should be used).

After it we use a singular form of a verb, e.g.

Either one suits me.

However, if we use either...or to connect two words and one of them is in plural, then the verb also needs to be in the plural form, e.g.

Either John or his friends are wrong.

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2012-05-10 10:40:05
now type your name wrote:
i want to add..( using either..or in a sentence is just refer the verb to the nearest subject. if the nearest subject is singular the verb must be singular..
ex.. either my brother or my sister writes a note
if the nearest subject is plural then the verb must also be plural
ex... either nora or pupils write a note

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2012-12-30 07:13:21
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